Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Year Reunion

I cannot believe that I have been graduated for 10 years now. My reunion was at the Maddox Lodge. I had a pretty good time, I was a little late and had to go track down a couple people to say Hi and I didn't get to see or talk to a lot of people I wanted to. I think also that nerves played a part in some of that. I got realy anxious and nervous about saying hi to a lot of people. It just brought back insecurities I guess that I have of myself. Thanks to my friend Kim that sent me these pictures. I did take my camera, but I guess I need a new one because the lighting was so dark that all I got are blurry pictures. The first picture is of me and my friends Kearston and Tawna. I did alot with these 2 and love them to death. Kearston lived by me and was one of my best friends from the neighborhood. She came to my house one day to see if I wanted to play and we have been friends ever since. I met Tawna in the4th grade,my family moved to Tremonton and that was a hard move for me, but it was one of the best because that is where I met a lot of the friends that I stayed friends with. This photo is of me and Kim. She was a brave soul that on the 1st day of 4th grade in Miss Cullimore's class came up to me and talked to me as if I had known her all my life. She has been the best friend a girl could ask for. It is bringing tears to my eyes because I missed out on a lot our senior year and that was suppose to be the best year of our life. I want her to know that she is an amazing person and that our friendship means a lot. I am still glad that even after 10 years and not being able to see eachother as much as we wanted to that we are still great friends. She has done a lot of amazing things and am so proud of her. This last picture is of all the people that I did a lot with. I have great memories with all of them and love them all sooo much. I hope that in 10 more years that I am willing to go to my 20 year and be able to not be so shy. To all my class members that read this that I hope I didn't affend anyone. I wish that there was more time to say our hellos and to catch up. I missed a lot of people that I wanted to talk to and catch up so I am sorry. Over all it was nice seeing the friends got to see and hope to see and catch up with you before the next 10 years.


  1. I love the post! I'm so glad that you sat by me. You always have been able to make me laugh. I got there on time and there were still a lot of people I didn't get to talk to. And I too felt insecure about talking to some people. Why is that? Cammie you're great and am so gald we've stayed in touch and kept our friendship alive.

  2. You are doing way better than me. I was too insecure to even go. I started to regret my decision at about 7:30 that night when I stopped to think about it. I guess there is always the 20 year reunion. Maybe I will brave that one.

  3. It was so good to see you again. I love that we can just pick up where we left off every time we see each other. Love ya girly!