Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Year Reunion

I cannot believe that I have been graduated for 10 years now. My reunion was at the Maddox Lodge. I had a pretty good time, I was a little late and had to go track down a couple people to say Hi and I didn't get to see or talk to a lot of people I wanted to. I think also that nerves played a part in some of that. I got realy anxious and nervous about saying hi to a lot of people. It just brought back insecurities I guess that I have of myself. Thanks to my friend Kim that sent me these pictures. I did take my camera, but I guess I need a new one because the lighting was so dark that all I got are blurry pictures. The first picture is of me and my friends Kearston and Tawna. I did alot with these 2 and love them to death. Kearston lived by me and was one of my best friends from the neighborhood. She came to my house one day to see if I wanted to play and we have been friends ever since. I met Tawna in the4th grade,my family moved to Tremonton and that was a hard move for me, but it was one of the best because that is where I met a lot of the friends that I stayed friends with. This photo is of me and Kim. She was a brave soul that on the 1st day of 4th grade in Miss Cullimore's class came up to me and talked to me as if I had known her all my life. She has been the best friend a girl could ask for. It is bringing tears to my eyes because I missed out on a lot our senior year and that was suppose to be the best year of our life. I want her to know that she is an amazing person and that our friendship means a lot. I am still glad that even after 10 years and not being able to see eachother as much as we wanted to that we are still great friends. She has done a lot of amazing things and am so proud of her. This last picture is of all the people that I did a lot with. I have great memories with all of them and love them all sooo much. I hope that in 10 more years that I am willing to go to my 20 year and be able to not be so shy. To all my class members that read this that I hope I didn't affend anyone. I wish that there was more time to say our hellos and to catch up. I missed a lot of people that I wanted to talk to and catch up so I am sorry. Over all it was nice seeing the friends got to see and hope to see and catch up with you before the next 10 years.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Ashley

I am a little late getting this on here, but we wanted to remember Ashley's birthday. We started out the day getting everyone ready to go to lunch and invited Ashley's grandma Bonnie and aunt Nanna to go with us. She got a visit from aunt Jenny who gave her a card with a gift card and some candy. After that we were off to Logan to eat at Ashley's favorite place and you probably wouldn't believe this but we ate at the Formosa. It is a Chinese place over in Logan and all my kids love it. They love egg drop soup and tiny spicy chicken. After we went to Sam's Club to pick up her cake and of coarse she wanted Dora again. She has had Dora I think for the last 3 years. Nic started his new job on this day so he wasn't able to be there until later that day. We had everyone come over at 7 for cake and ice cream and to open presents. We gave her some clothes, a fur real panda bear, sand for her sand box, a bowling set, and some training wheels for her bike. She got really spoiled. I think her most favorite thins were her panda pajamas she got, she got 2 pair. Ashley loves panda bears. I wanted to write down her birth story cause I want to remember it and this is like my journal so I decided to get induced with Ashley becasue I was ready. On June 7th 2006 I went to BRVH to get started. We arrived at 7 am and they started the pitocin drip about 8. They had a student nurse there that day and I didn't feel very comfortable about having her there during the exams and delivery, but decided that would be fine. The nurse came in to check me and to make sure thr head was down and then the Dr. came in to break my water and to see how much I was dialated. Durring this you could hear on the moniter that there was all this swishing going on and they lost the heart beat. the Dr. checked to see if the head was down after he broke my water and he said that is not the head. They hurried and wheeled me into the ultrasound room to see her position and she had turned and was breech. The doctor talked to me about a c-section, but I said if we could do it the other way that would be better because I did not want a c-section. He said he would deliver her vaginally but if had anything go bad that they would take me to the OR for the c-section. about 12:45 I was fully dialated and ready to push. I pushed a couple times and by 1 o'clock she was here. She came bum first and it was really bruised. She was perfect she weighed 6 lbs and 13 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. We got to take her home 2 days later and she had jaundice really bad and had to be under the lights for about 2 weeks and that was hard. We love Ashley and we are very happy that she is part of our family. She is a hand full most of the time but is a very loving little girl. I know that she will make a great mother one day because she is very loving to those around her and just has that motherness to her. We love you Ashley Lynn and hope you had a great birthday!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kyler Jerry Harris

I am happy to announce the arrival of my new nephew Kyler Jerry Harris. He was born on April 16th at 10:14am. He was 7lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long. This is the first name sake for the Harris side and we couldn't be more happy to have a boy since all we have are girls right now. JJ and Sharon are the proud parents. I was able to go down with my dad to see Kyler and my dad fell in love the moment he saw him. He just kept saying "I like this kid". I think it is a lot different for my dad to hold a boy than a girl and it actually having his name as a name sake. I couldn't believe that my little brother is a dad. He still looks so young and I still picture us as little kids. I am so excited for them and for this new little guy to be part of the family.

All together

We finally got all the girls together and got a picture. We are finding it a lot harder for all of us to get together and get a picture. I wanted one of all the girls because Sharon is part of the family and we do not have one of all us sisters. We also got a family one of just us kids and parents. We haven't had one done for a long time due to some family issues but when we can get one we try to make it happen. I love my family!

Baby Shower for Sharon

My sister in law is expecting in April and so we as sisters wanted to throw her a baby shower. Debbie wanted to be able to be there so we did it on the 19th of March. I think more people showed up for than we planned. It was on a Friday night and didn't know what the turn out would be. We ate, played a matching game that was so fun and funny with candy bars I would try and give an example but can't remember one, and Sharon opened her gifts. I hope she knows how much we love her being part of the family and hope she feels welcome. We all loved her from the moment JJ brought her home to meet all of us. I know I would feel uncomfortable meeting all his 6 sisters. We are so excited for them both.

March Adventures

In March my family was able to go for the blessing of Madeline. We just like the excuse to get away for any reason, but we wouldn't of missed it for the world. We went on a Wednesday night and stayed in Battle Mountain because that is halfway and didn't want to drive all night. I give props to my sister Deanna because Dani talked to her the full 5 hour drive. Dani is 2 and a half but she is a gabber. We went swimming when we got to the hotel and she was still just gabbing away. I think it got on my dads nerves because we were in the pool and said "is she ever going to shut-up". We arrived to my grandparents house early Thurday afternoon and had a great time with them. My grandparent have a lot of land and with California being so dry they have to keep a fire break. My dad and Nic were able to get everything mowed down and we tried to do somethings to help them out as much as we could for the short visit we were there. Sunday the 14th Madeline got her name and a blessing and we went to my sister Debbie's house for the luncheon. Her mother in law does some catering and did a fabulous job. We had to come home on that Monday morning and Debbie got to tag along to for a week. My girls have loved getting to hold Maddie and watch her play. Thanks Deb for letting us get to love her for the short time you were here. Can't wait for June.

Jordyn's Award

I got a letter from her school saying that she was going to get an award and that if I wanted to be there that I needed to be at the school at a certain time. I took both her sisters and her Grandma Bonnie to see her get her award. They announced her name and her award and it was for knowing all her letters and the sounds that they make. I am so proud of Jordyn for all the great accomplishments she has done in kindergarten. I think they do a lot more learning now then when I was in school. She loves to learn and is doing really well. She has met goals that I thought would take a long time to accomplish but when she sets her mind to something she does it until she gets it. Congrats on your award Jo and keep reaching for the stars.